Blues Cabaret Playgirl

An Ana Bon-Bon performance can transport you to the rollicking music hall stages of the 1900s or a country juke joint on a sultry summer afternoon. Bon-Bon is naturally cabaret with a raw blues constitution. 

Chanteuse, accordionist, songwriter, and musical hostess Ana Bon-Bon delivers an intoxicating dose of jump blues, western swing, cabaret, spirituals, and double-entendre lyrics all wrapped up in one big wood-choppin' gal with seasoned vocals and a bump'n'grind squeezy-box.
Countryfried and mountain-whipped* genre-bending performer Ana Bon-Bon squeezes savoury rhythms from her saucy bellows box to bring joy and comfort to those in yearning.  This Walkin', Talkin' Party* is back in town (Vancouver, Canada) with a hearty western appetite...           
*Ana Bon-Bon lyrics

Ana Bon-Bon layers blues, country, showtunes, and ‘bump & grind’ rhythms in songs and performances developed from vaudeville, jump blues, Delta & Chicago blues, Hollywood, depression-era music, spirituals, and western swing.

Ana’s accordion rhythms were developed while performing as and accompanying burlesque acts, playing blues shows and cabarets, and creating her originals and adaptations of 1920s/30s-influenced vaudeville, cabaret, and country blues tunes.  Bon-Bon rocks the box in her own special way.

“Exotic prairie gospel” ~The late, great Ray Condo, the 'Canadian King of Western Swing' 

Nodding to old blues, gospel, and tin-pan alley tunesmithing, Vancouver`s Ana Bon-Bon and her full-bodied voice and accordion playing bring a vintage, bawdy-house, bon-temps vibe to life.” ~Rupert Bottenberg, Montreal Mirror

Ana Bon-Bon grew up in the Canadian Prairies, taking accordion lessons and performing as a child. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art,  working creatively as a conceptual performance and installation artist before developing musically onstage, garnering significant peer and professional experience among the multi-faceted blues, roots, rockabilly, punk, swing, burlesque, underground, high- and lowbrow art and music scenes of Vancouver and further abroad.

Bon-Bon currently plays solo "Blues Cabaret" and with her blues-country-roots trio featuring skilled musicians MIKE KENNEY (The Modelos, Chariots of Eggs, Canucks' organist) on guitar, and versatile rock and roll drummer of renown TAYLOR LITTLE (The Judys, Bughouse 5).

Bon-Bon performs internationally. 
Since 1999 Bon-Bon has toured and performed from the Yukon to England and beyond, fronted her rock band HARD CANDY, created and performed vaudevillian burlesque with the uninhibited Empire Follies Troupe, and played country gypsy-gal blues with BON-BON&ROSE.  She received a Canada Council for the Arts Award to write music in Paris, has published articles in BC Musician magazine, and is played on Accordion Noir and CBC Radio. Ana was co-director of 2013-14 's VENUS NIGHTS women's music and charity event (founded by Fiona McElroy of Big Mamma's Door) at London's Hippodrome Casino, and produced her own show Amazeball in 2016 upon returning to Vancouver, where she continues to reside.  She now hosts a monthly show at The Princeton Pub in East Vancouver, which returns post-pandemic on September 5th, 2021!

Ana is an experienced musical hostess who always brings the mostest to stages big and small, such as Accordion Noirfest, Virgo-A-Go-Go, Salmon Arm Roots & Blues, Vancouver Intern'l Burlesque Fest, and her self-produced Amazeball, in naming a few.  Her 'latest' recording, yet to be released, is a 45 rpm of her theme song ‘Bathtime’ featuring some of Vancouver’s best musicians (Paul Pigat, Jimmy Roy Kinloch, Phil Addington, and Sandy Bone Smith) at Vancouver Live Sound studios.   Miss Bon-Bon is also a featured vocalist on two of alternative country punks ‘SWANK’ albums and video (see "How Do We Do"). 

While in the UK, Her Sugar-Coated Gentlemen -a trio including Chilly Mike on drums (James Hunter, Tracy Ray) and guitar-slinger John Ruscoe (Fallen Heroes, The Stupids)- played UK clubs and pubs as a favourite returning act, while Ana was also featured guest with Big Mamma's Door rhythm&blues revue, matching harmonies and attitudes with those of fiesty bandleader Fiona McElroy as well as playing meaty boogie woogie cabaret blues with the powerhouse Sophie Smiles on keys! While in Canada, Miss Bon-Bon is known to deliver a jump blues-style concert with drummer Taylor Little (The Enablers, Bughouse 5, The Payolas) or Juno-award winning drummer Sandy Bone Smith (The Breakdown, The Twisters), and join a show with stellar guitarist and performer Dave 'Double D' Dykhuizen or The New West Wreckers.
Discography: BARE NAKED BLUES~2007, SISTER~2001 (NIK Records), BON-BON & ROSE EP~2005 swingin' country blues accordion/fiddle duo, plus guest/backing work for numerous bands including SWANK, Florence Joelle, Bughouse 5, and more...

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a favourite poster from February 2018 Sinners

a favourite poster from February 2018 Sinners