The Greedy Pig, 307 W Cordova St, Vancouver bc

At the darkly seductive and beautifully historic Gastown drinking establishment THE GREEDY PIG- Presenting Accordion Heavy and Tremblers of Sevens! In Vancouver for One Night Only! Ana Bon-Bon and David P. Smith are ACCORDION HEAVY- Heavy rhythms, heavy attitude, heavy tunes. Electrified accordions laying down driving, droning, seductive grooves; songs that are deep, dark, dirty, sexy, surreal, playful, hilarious and harrowing.  Soulful expression meets raw entertainment for this exuberant, twisted squeezebox party… 7s... Loud, Heavy, Gritty, played with plenty of passion and plenty of smashin`…Danwise’s guitar master blastery and Rad Juli’s primal beat bashery take trad blues and devotional gospel, Turkish delights and Yiddish nuptial nights and make them listen to Black Sabbath and shotgun a few pilsners. You need Grit.  You need Tremblers of Sevens. cover $5 suggested donation for a night of wicked revelatin'!